Agoga Abs

Agoga is a gym I passed pretty much daily while I was in Bondi, their tag line really grabbed me “Leaner. Faster. Stronger” andĀ from looking through the window it looked a cool gym. The reason the tag line grabbed me was because I want to build functional strength so I’m always keen to look into training that seems like it would provide this.

If I’d have stayed in Bondi any longer I would have defiantly gone along to some of their sessions. On Monday I was looking over their website and found this abs workout (YouTube link), I think it best to mix it up when training so thought I’d give this one a try…..

Workout routine:

  • Weighted V Situp
  • Russian Twist
  • High Plank Underpass
  • Squat To Standing Star
  • Weighted Bicycles
  • V Situp Underpass

Set 1 = 10 reps (10 perĀ side if applicable)
Set 2 = 15 reps (15 per side if applicable)
Set 3 = 20 reps (20 per side if applicable)

I have tried it and think it’s a real burner, one great thing about this routine is that you can do it body weight or add weight to make it harder.

Give it a crack and tell me what you think……