Cycling Caps Reviews

Let me state right from the off I think cycling caps are cool. I know some people think they are very uncool but I couldn’t disagree more. I think they are cool peak up or down, under helmets or off the bike (I will never ride without a helmet so I wont promote them as being cool while out riding with no helmet).

Modern day King of Cool - Cav

Modern day King of Cool – Cav (image from

Classic look! (image from

Classic look! (image from

But what I will also state from the off is; I don’t believe I look cool in a cycling cap, in fact I feel sorry for brands like Rapha. They spend so much time making top notch products and doing lots of brand image building, but the second I wear one of their products that effort is wasted!

Not only do I think that they are cool I think they have a real use; for them days when sun is low and not bright enough for shades the peak keeps the sun out of your eyes. Rainy days they keep my head dry and again the rain off my glasses and a real decent winter cycling cap is a must for them cold, wet rubbish days.

Rapha Lightweight Cap
Rapha say this is created for the “hottest, most humid conditions” for me it my summer cap. Clearly in the UK we don’t get the days that are really hot or humid but I have no issues.

See I told you I don't look cool! Very wet "summer" day at Silverstone!

See I told you I don’t look cool! Very wet “summer” day at Silverstone!

Another mug!

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Rating: 4/5

Rapha Classic Cap
This a cotton windproof cap that is also water resistant, with Rapha’s classic stripe running down the centre and the logo is hidden away. I have worn this on cool sunny days and very wet rides (see photo below) and it’s never once let me down. I actually need to buy another one in fact. I need to buy the red version to match my classic jersey. At the time they didn’t have the red in stock so I went with black and pink (I love pink cycling kit).

My classic cap

My classic cap

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Rating: 4/5

Rapha Winter Hat
This is a belgian-style cycling cap, the main cap section is a polyester/wool blend while the fold down section is wool. It’s a rather plain looking black hat, the logo on the peak is black, the only colour is a pink stripe running around the base of the wool section. It’s a one size fits all and for me its a nice fit, the wool section covers the ears well and it also covers plenty of my neck (see the photo from below – as I said I like pink cycling gear 🙂 ). I was worried that the wool would be itchy but it’s really not.

Looking after my ride today

Looking gormless after my ride today

For me it sits really well under my cycling hat, never any discomfort or bunching up.

I do like the fit under my helmet (I don't like my helmet however!)

I do like the fit under my helmet (I don’t like my helmet however!)

Best review I can give any bit of cycling kit is…. I just forget I’m wearing it. Does it’s job perfectly with no issues at all!
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Rating: 5/5

Castelli Risvolto Winter Cap
This was the first winter cap I bought back in December 2012. At first I thought it was great as my ears were no longer going to be that chilly. It’s quite a thick cap and is very warm that’s for sure but for me after a few rides all the issues started to really bug me. The neck/ear section at the back simply isn’t long enough, this means it just doesn’t do its job in keeping the cold out. With it being so thick it also means that it doesn’t fit very well under my helmet. After my first winter riding with it I’ve never worn it again!

Again I don't look cool!

Again I don’t look cool!

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Rating: 2/5