The Road To MK

So I have been putting off doing this blog post simply because it makes it all seem very real. Yes yes I know it’s real any ways and regardless I’m running this marathon but it still seems more real now!

So I started off my plan by going from the start of the year to the Silverstone Half Marathon with the aim to do a 01:40:00 race. My training really started 05/01/2014, I did do a few nice runs in Australia at the end of Nov/start or Dec. On the 5th I started with a 10k run, for the next two weeks I planned to do 5k’s during the week and 10k’s on the weekend.

Then the real longer run’s started and I followed the plan below. As well as the weekend long run’s I planned to do two 5km run’s during the week. I planned to mix these between slow and fast run’s depending on how I felt.

Road To Silverstone Half

Road To Silverstone Half

Week 1: Planned 10kms —– Actual 10kms
Week 2: Planned 20kms —– Actual 20kms
Week 3: Planned 25kms —– Actual 25kms
Week 4: Planned 25kms —– Actual 25kms
Week 5: Planned 25kms —– Actual 27kms
Week 6: Planned 30kms —– Actual 30kms
Week 7: Planned 30kms —– Actual 33kms
Week 8: Planned 20kms —– Actual 22kms
Week 9: Planned 31kms —– Actual 31kms

Road To SilverstoneSo my training worked and I got time I really really wasn’t expecting….. 01:36:35! That is a PB of 06:35 compared to my only other half, Royal Parks Half 2013. Silverstone was great fun even if it was very windy and with the odd bit of rain. People say it’s dull but I don’t tend* to look further than the 20 meters ahead of me which is just always tarmac! *Well unless there is a great bum to look at, lucky for me and Dave there was for the first 4 miles….

Up until now my plan was to “just” finish MK marathon and within 4 hours. I was then planning to set a decent time for the Yorkshire Marathon in October but since the Silverstone Half went so well I have thought about adjusting my plans a little. So on the Monday after Silverstone I decided to look at what runners world race predictor said I should be able to do the marathon in……. turns out its broken and thinks I could so a 03:21:22!!!!! Broken I tell you!!

Broken RW's website!

Broken RW’s website!

So as a result I have decided that I will push myself and train for a 03:30:00 time, I have no idea if this is achievable yet so from here on in my plan is a bit up in the laps of the running gods. But what is fixed is the distances I want to do, as I say the key point is completing the distance first of course! Then I’d like under 4 hours then I’d like 3 hours 30!

The bit I’m really not sure on is if my last long run is too long & too close to the race. For me I will have to do a 40km training run before hand. I don’t want to be finding the extra distance on race day, if anything I want to be finding extra time. I like to know I can do it, it’s how I have worked for both half marathons and I beat my target time for both events so I’m keeping with this philosophy for the marathon.

The Road to MK

The Road to MK

Right lets do this!!