A Little About Me

So this is my blog! I’m Jay, 28, a born and bread Northerner trapped in the South!

This blog is mainly for me to document all the sporting events/fitness training I do in 2014. This is the year I want achieve a high fitness level and gain a physique I’m happy with!

Thanks for reading!


Official Event’s Completed
2012 Classic Oxfordshire – 60 miler
2013 Classic Oxfordshire – 70 miler, which was actually 76 miles!

2013 Silverstone 10k
2013 York 10k
2013 Royal Parks Half Marathon

Park Runs
York x 5
Oxford x 3
Milton Keynes x 2
Aylesbury x 1
Albert Park Melbourne x 1

2012 Aspire Swim Challenge

2013 – Roade Sprint Tri

Pedal Car:
2012 – Shenington 24hour (part of a 5 man team)
2012 – Curborough 150miler (part of a 5 man team)


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