Mix It Up March

So this months is a mix of strength and cardio after Jan’s cardio and Feb’s strength.

During this month it’ll be a mix of four exercise; Push Ups, Plank, Squats and Climbers.

This should really work the core while not forgetting the arms & legs 🙂

Mix It Up March

Mix It Up March

To mix it up further you can mix up each move. I’ll be picking from the following exercises, if you know any other great exercises please let me know!

Push Ups – Standard, clapping, wide stance, narrow stance, declined and one-handed.
Plank – Elbow, two point plank, side plank, plank row & up and down plank.
Squats – Body weight, jumping squat, pistol squat, weighted, split squats and calf squats (not letting your heels touch the ground).
Climbers – Standard, drunken and full cross over.




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