January Jumping Jacks

After seeing these monthly challenges like “Plank a Day” and “Squats” I did a few of them during last year and found them to be pretty good.

I have decided that for 2014 I will do a challenge every month, one month focusing on cardio and the next month focusing on strength. Kala has said she’s going to join me with these challenges so I’m going to create these with two levels, one for me and one for Kala.

For January I thought I’d kick it off with cardio to burn of them Christmas calories and theme it a little so welcome to #JaysJanuaryJumpingJacks

Jay's January Jumping Jacks

Jay’s January Jumping Jacks


Update: 31/01/2014
Firstly I’ll admit that I didn’t complete this challenge, I stopped on the 23rd and just haven’t done anymore.

What I have learnt is that 1) my shins struggle with this many jumping jacks and picking up my running. These just made my calves so tight which hurt my shins and frankly while training for a marathon I can’t have this. 2) Rest day’s need planning!!!

If you completed the month then cracking effort and I doff my cap to you.

On to February’s strength based challenge 🙂 




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